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And The Winner is?????? The Neighbors P.O. Box 963 Corona, CA 92878 Our Instagrams: Kevin – 49drummers, teamkevin__, teamkevintheneighbors Valerie – windiwands, teamvalerie Megan …

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Tonya Longley says:

Great job Sarah for standing up to the bully! They never expect that. I am
so very proud of you. A true inspiration! Val and Kevin i am so proud to
call you my friends. You are great people! Love you both!

Vincent Gutierrez says:

Yay Val got a new paddle! Now you can keep Kevin in his place. Lol And im
so excited i won!! Thats awesome! The long wait was worth it! And you guys
had another AWESOME video!! 

Angie LupusLife says:

Awesome Happy mail : ) You two were cracking me up with that paddle. 

therealBRITSofNY says:

Great job Sarah.
Lovely video 🙂 love your jammies.
have a brilliant night.

Angie LupusLife says:

Congrats to the winner

Lucy Owl says:

Thank You So Much!!! For the Shoutout!!!!!!! 🙂 😀 it made my day!!!! 

Kristi Shiver says:

I am sad you didn’t show my snowman Kevin.

William Johnson says:

Prayers for MIchael and Angelina; Abyss’ grandparents. I don’t like
Christopher’s paddle gift! Nail it to the ceiling with the other one,
Kevin!! Your Christmas shirts are cute! — Terri 

CrimsonFairy says:

I miss Tiffany and her dog snores very loudly

uneditedlife01 says:

thanks for the shout out. i love your guys vlogs

Jess Lucero says:

Be strong Sarah! Good job!

Katie Caroline says:

Kevin you might want to run away (because of the paddle)

Hai Dayna says:

You guys made Kenzie and I laugh throughout the whole video

TheBuckStop says:

glad to see you feeling better. congrats to the winner. great vlog guys.

Justina C says:

Great job Sara!

Lucy Owl says:

Hey Kevin my dad has the same Charlie Brown pj pants!!!!! :)

tanya rae says:

time to watch the hottie behind Val…. 

CrimsonFairy says:

Sara you are adorable and brave. Keep it up. Stand up to bullies. The more
everyone stands up to them, the less they can bully 

Maureen McLean says:

Love your shirt Val, and Kevin’s red sweater.

Poop Eat And Sleep says:

I am dropping something in the mail for your PO box tomorrow! 🙂 

Caras Life on the Farm says:

You guys are so festive!!!

CrimsonFairy says:

Migraines suck.
Kevin, is there room next to the old paddle?

TheAbyss92882 says:

Uncle Kevin leave Aunt Val’s Paddle ALONE

michael 031484 says:

it’s awful to hear about the sad things going on in people’s lives but you
guys are great for caring and rallying support for those people all the
time. big props for the big hearts. ;)

The Neighbors says:
Ross Wall says:

Messaged you on Twitter also facebook get back when you can thanks x

Andy and Tay says:
miss Paula the witch in me says:


Bawden Vlogs says:

Thumbs up Sarah!! We love you. Xxx 

OhRio Family says:

WTG, Thumbs up Sarah <3 Happy to see you are feeling better Val, <3

Bawden Vlogs says:

Oh my god, Val killed Kevin (think South Park). Xx looks like you are
feeling loads better Val. 

Darrell Roper says:

Meow Meow

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