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The Ugly Sweater Holiday Look- Makeup, Hair, Outfit & Nails

Happy Holiday season you guys! Today’s video is all about the “ugly” sweater look. I’m showing you makeup, hair, outfit, and nail art ideas to get you inspir…

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alexxamore says:

you’re so cute! love this video. xo

Mely Dayana says:

Wow you are really good<3 I just subscribed, I also have a channel and I
hope you check it out(:

~Kobbe & Katelynn~ says:

Suscribe. Plzz ur beautiful and awesome. I love being ur #1 fan!!!

sarita ortiz says:

I love ur videos but I’m not trying to be mean ok <3 u always look sad x(

Issabelle Ortiz says:

I think I’m in love

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