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ugly sweaters

UGLY FRICKIN SWEATERS, MAN. (teefury, for the curious: (and beautiful ugly sweater clipart: http://www.christmassweater…

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superzombiepower says:

@david su i don’t…really read comic books…. they are not really my cup
of nerd-tea :o

David Su says:

There’s a couple of designs that I enjoy off of teefury, most of the time
though I’m pretty “eh” about them. Have you ever thought about doing a
review of the Marvel comics?

MysticMechEye says:

Intentional ugliness is a term that will resonate with me throughout this
season. Thanks to you, I have a new goal in life. One day I will use the
word skeuomorph properly in a sentence. Daunting task indeed.

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