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Winter Wonderland tag 2014 ❆

I Tag… . EVERYONE 🙂 1. What do you like best about winter? 2. Scarves or Beanies? 3. What’s your favorite holiday movie? 4. Favorite winter nail polish? 5. Favorite Starbucks Holiday…

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alicia javed says:

Love this beautiful girl xo I’ve subbed to you 🙂 Check me out when you get
a min and maybe sub back if you enjoy??? 

BeautyGlamx says:

great video hun . your so pretty.
I subbed, support my channel & sub back? Keep in touch. <3

Little Bling Ring says:

Thank you for your lovely comment on my channel, I just subbed you. Happy

Sarah Riley says:

We always need more makeup! 😉 haha

Sharon Chia says:

hello there! checking out your channel coz i saw your comment on one of my
subbies. love your winter wonderland video and I love red nail polish! have
subscribed to you and would love if you can sub back and check out my
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London Mckenzie says:

Agreed. Winter clothes are the best! :)

Freshprogressbeauty says:

This is so cute!!! Yaasssssss!! Glad, I came across your channel through
suggested vids! New subbie of course! 😛 I have a channel as well
(Ithinkyouwillheartit) !
+ small youtubers stick together! ♡ |
please reply:) I am just reaching out 🙂 

AmandAsanaBeauty says:

You’re so pretty love! Great video. Love watching these :-). Subbed!! Hope
you’ll sub me too. Fuzzy socks and beanies are such essentials!! Hope your
find your hubby Ag! What country are you from? Love your accent! xo

Taylor Paige says:

Your so pretty!!! Great vid!!!!just subbed! Hopefully you could check out
my channel and sub! Would love to be YouTube friends! 

MsEmmaLeeB says:

You are gorgeous! I love this tag. I subbed and would love it if you could
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Modern Moment says:

This tag is so nice. I like watching these kind of videos. Hope you could
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Bela Pikachu says:

Love this video! Hope you could check out my channel too? That would be so
awesome! Thanks :)

Guilty Bytes says:

Hi,absolutely loved your video.have subscribed to your channel,would love
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mikaylagrace says:

I loved this video so much! You are so talented! I have a beauty channel
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xoxo mikayla 

Georgia Jade says:

Hey girl, great video! I’ve just subbed and would love if you could check
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