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Womens Multi-Style Nordic Snow Flake Reindeer Knitted Tights Leggings (10#)

High Quality, Stylish and Stretchy
Very Comfortable to Wear and Very Sexy
Colorful Snowflake & Reindeer Designs (not all styles)
Material: Cotton + Polyester
Size:  Length: 34.25″, Waist: 26″ – 28″, Hip: 31″ – 35″
Color: 2#, 3#, 6#, 8#, 10#
Package Includes:
1 x Leggings

Product Features

  • Material: Cotton + Polyester
  • Size: Length: 34.25″, Waist: 26″ – 28″, Hip: 31″ – 35″
  • Color: 2#, 3#, 6#, 8#, 10#

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Cthulhu says:

So warm! These leggings are great! They’re so soft and warm. Perfect for winter! Also, they look so great! I definitely recommend them! However, although they are one size, the size is small. I am 5’3″ and 102 lbs and they fit me perfectly. However, if I was any bigger or taller, I would probably have trouble getting into them. Of course, it depends on the leg size too. I have relatively thicker legs, but these fit me well. Pretty much, they are definitely size small. So if you normally fit into smalls,…

gracotta says:

Not “tights” I was disappointed when I first recieved these because they were totally not what I was expecting. I thought they would be knit tights, but they are more like pants. They are leggings with a super-soft, fuzzy, warm lining. And the colors are brighter than they look in the picture.My daughter is 5’5″ and 125lbs and they fit her well.She loves how soft they are on the inside.

lilmamathebolt says:

So warm and cozy! Very thick! Warm, fuzzy on the inside. Fit me perfect I am wear a size 3 jeans and the small/medium fit great!

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